Destination wedding coverage to certain locations may be free or discounted, provided you cover travel, accommodation, gratuities, food, and extraordinary expenses such as additional insurance or special licenses or visa application fees for me and my assistant where applicable.  For most destinations requiring 4 or fewer days of travel, you will receive the same coverage as Alberta weddings with no additional costs for travel as long as travel expenses for my assistant and I do not exceed $1000.  For those extending to 5 or more days, provided the value of the trip for my assistant and I is equal to or of greater value than full-day coverage you will receive up to 10 hours of coverage on your wedding day  (getting ready, ceremony, formals, reception) plus your choice of ONE of the following: bridal or couples boudoir, an extended family session, or an excursion.  Regardless, the best part of me being there for an extended stay with you is that I will also stalk your guests and capture candids for the duration of the trip, from poolside antics to treks through the local village, as well as capture images of the local scenery, wildlife, and venue for your memory books.

There's no catch, either - no hidden back-door fees, no pay-per-print agreement to trip you up when we get back, nothing...  I am just a photography addict and travel junkie who happens to love weddings.  Contact me for complete information and details.

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