How do I picture love?

Life for me these days resembles a series of chaotic interactions with people interrupted by obligations and responsibilities and (if I am lucky) the occasional nap.  I spent years trying to figure out how to "master" the chaos in my life by controlling or avoiding it, but recently learned that I needed to embrace it, because the chaos I choose actually creates an extraordinarily accurate picture of everything I love.

Love is the cream that rises to the top.  It's what shows itself not only in what I do but how I do it - passionately and without apology - because I feel compelled to do it, fulfilled when I do, and off-centre when I don't.

I wife. I parent.

I shoot. I write.

I bike.  I debate

I study. I teach.

I sew. I cook.

I don't clean.

How do YOU picture love?

(Want some credentials?  Here you go!)

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