Do you do engagement photos?

I love couple sessions! You will be charged a regular session fee of $350 which can be applied towards your deposit when you retain me for your wedding. 

How many pictures will we get of our wedding?

Your wedding will yield an average of 10 - 25 images per hour, provided in both colour and black and white (20 - 50 images) though I cannot provide or guarantee a specific total as there are many factors - mood, weather, time available, etc. - that will increase (or decrease) this number.  Historically, 4 hour weddings yield around 150 images (300 with B&W) and full day weddings yield around 500 (1000 with B&W) as a minimum.

How long before we get our photos?

I ask for 12 - 16 weeks for delivery of images, though on average the wait for teasers on the blog is less than 4 weeks and the full set of wedding photos averages 8-10 weeks.

How does the deposit work?

Because I block off entire days for your wedding, all deposits are non-refundable.  They are transferrable,  however, for a period of 12 months.  For example, if your wedding date moves, I am happy to transfer your deposit to an alternate date; if you cancel or postpone your wedding indefinitely, your deposit can be partially used towards any regular session fee within 12 months of the original wedding date.

Can we share our wedding pictures on the internet?

Yes! I love it when you share the blog post from your wedding, @ me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and use these hashtags: #pictureLOVEtm #HopeWalls #YEGphotographer PLUS whatever custom hashtag you create for your own wedding! You may also share individual watermarked images from your Google album online anywhere you like provided you DO NOT crop the watermark off. Again, share away - I'm all over the @ and #!!!

What if it rains or the weather is bad?  And what if the kids are tired or crying?

Logically, you know that I cannot control the weather or the moods of the flower girl and ring bearer.  But really, it's OK.  My job isn't to manipulate your day to create a wedding album, but to observe and record your day as it unfolds.   I will shoot in blizzards, torrential downpours, and scorching heat without complaint and hopefully enough enthusiasm to carry even the grumpiest of the grumps through.  I promise neither sunshine or smiles, but you want to know the weird thing?  The best wedding stories aren't the ones that go, "everything was perfect..." but the ones that go, "everything was perfect except..." and I will be there, rain or shine, smiles or tantrums, to make sure that your day is photographed exactly as it unfolds, and regardless of what happens, at the end you will be wed so... it's all gravy.  Embrace the chaos!

How late do you stay?

As a human being, I start to falter (read: sprain body parts) after about 10 hours.  I'll stay until I drop but if you want to make sure I get the pictures of you throwing the garter, please take this into consideration when making your wedding schedule.  If you require time past 10 hours, extended hourly rates of $425/hr will apply.  Overtime charges must be paid prior to delivery of images.

Is retouching included in the fee? 

My travel within an hour to and from the session location, your camera time, and basic post-processing (image clarity, colour corrections, removal of blemishes, etc.) before highlights from your session are featured on the pictureLOVE blog. Advanced edits such as removal of braces are charged at a fee of $50/image. Please note that image retouching is limited to things that are "temporary" - I can get rid of bruises and pimples but you get to keep your scars and dimples.

Where will the pictures take place?

Generally, pre-ceremony pictures are shot by two photographers separately on location where the bride and groom are getting ready.  Family formals are shot at the same venue as the ceremony immediately following the ceremony, and formals with full the bridal party as well as the couple are shot at a separate location.  I have a number of suggestions for both free and paid indoor and outdoor locations including commercial studios. Most outdoor locations are free. Indoor rates vary from location to location and range from $25/hour to $400/hour.  We can discuss our options in detail during our consultation.

Do I get the files?

Yes! You will receive watermarked webshare images in a private Google gallery, and the high-resolution files via electronic file transfer. USBs or CD/DVDs are provided on request for a nominal fee.  Files are provided in high-resolution JPEG format. 

What other expenses should I expect?

If your wedding is within 100kms of Edmonton city centre, I do not require overnight accommodation.  Over 100ms, there is a charge of 54 cents/km as well as accommodation, food, and gratuities for 1-2 nights.  Additionally, there may be charges for licenses, permits, or additional insurance.  This is particularly important for weddings in National Parks which may require not only a permit for the township where you are getting married but a park permit as well.  Please inquire if any of these expenses will apply during your wedding consultation.

Where should I get prints made?

You are welcome to get prints made anywhere you like however for best results I suggest using Technicare or the following:

Paper prints up to 11x14 - McBain, Costco, London Drugs

Mounted prints and canvases, prints larger than 12 x 12 - Vivid Print

I provide design for other specialty products including magnetic photo books, albums, calendars, and other keepsakes at a rate of $50/hr + costs and shipping using a variety of professional printers including WHCC, Finao, and SmugMug.

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